The kitchen is deserted, the wind is barely getting in through the open window
A nightingale has entered, its wings are moistened with sunlight
He tries to drink from the sink but his beak does not reach the drops
The room is sunny and overlooks the garden

On the pillow, heavy black hair hides the white pillowcase.
The girl is white as a sheet, her skin is however radiant
It emanates from her like a halo of purity. Suddenly, the curtains move.
A man has just entered the room. He looks at the drugs,

The girl’s eyelashes are wet. Her telephone vibrates. She can not answer. She is fast asleep.
The burglar looks at the medicine spread on the floor.
He understands that she is dead. Will I be accused of killing her?
I am only here to survive, I only steal things.

He is young, she is young. They look at each other. She through her open eyes,
He through her dusty lashes. He moves forward then backward.
Then, he advances again. He closes her eyes and feels his heart fly away.
She is so beautiful in her white dress. He closes his eyes.

He imagines himself with her, on the church steps. She throws a bouquet,
He greets the crowd that came to admire them with a hat. They would be happy.
He, the rascal, the barefoot, she the desperate young girl.
She would be his wife, if only… But it is too late.

The drugs on the black carpet shine like stars in the night of horror
He cries. He goes into the kitchen. What if he too committed suicide?
He thinks of his mother, who disappeared in Albania in the mountains.
Of his father, of his belt, of the red marks on his back

When he was sleeping with a knife to protect himself from his father
But suddenly he sees the nightingale. The bird seems to point him in the direction of the window
The trees shake in the wind in the garden where he came from.
The nightingale is trapped, the window is closed. The thief opens the window.

The nightingale flies away. The thief wipes his tears, pours himself a glass of water.
An aspirin tablet is lying by the sink. He pours it.
For long minutes, he watches the medicine melt into the water.
His eyelids can’t close anymore. He is caught by the whitish color of the aspirin in the water.

His hand shakes as he drinks. Suddenly, a door opens on the fly.
He sees a white dress and a figure even whiter than the aspirin.
The girl has covered her mind. She trembles, leans against the wall

« What are you doing in my house? » She falls, he takes her in his arms.

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