I fell in love with chaos (song)

I fell in love with a billboard
With chaos, with a look like a cutter
I fell in love with the din of the city

I fell in love with the chaos
A newspaper swirls in the purple sky
The stars are falling in the silence
Of an infinite light

My Porsche was burning
I took the embers with my bare hand
And threw them in the face of the sun
An Angel took my hand

I looked for you
The rain was falling on my lashes.
I danced a waltz with the night.

An angel – or is it the reflection of the clouds on the shops ?
I clutched my car’s keys Blood beaded on my hand

I fell in love
With an idea, with a silent face,
The sky uncovered my shoulders
In front of the blaze of my ideas
The rain has made them fresher since

The war memorial Place de l’étoile
Looked at my thoughts burning
And the flames dance before the wreaths of flowers
Swarms of birds were singing
Their flight was disordered

And in a monologue of reinforced concrete
The city perfumed my body with a rancid cologne
This life is a novel but are we its heroes?
As the routine assaults our dull windows

I am a vagabond on the path of existence
But the fuselage of days is like of a military plane,
And its impatience pierce the April clouds ;
And tears the screen of love;

Take me away from his beautiful face
Far from the avenue, from the headlights
Where the light melts into the night,
Far from the smoke far for my own sake

My words are only two train tickets
At each step, the wagons fly away
To the scaffold of the nightly hours
I scribbled on the train table,
I’ll write a masterpiece tomorrow
For today your smile glows in me
I fell in love with chaos

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