Diluted towns

I ran through Paris, the colors merged into one another
The sun is a trapeze artist, it flies in the drunken sky
My heart is a bird, your look its frail cage
Take my hand in the rain, the storm dilutes the colors of this town

My city is grey-blue and the sky is tinged with orange
Lie down with me on this flowerbed my love,
Kneel before me, let’s pray to the God of capital towns
To give us back the colors that the boulevards are lacking

My love my eyes are white and my city is fading
Like a worn T-shirt on a clothesline
The drops of color sprinkle my restless heart
My love take my hand let’s pray the urbane Gods

To give back to the flowers their singing brightness
To unite our souls at last in a splash of silver
But my city is damned under an infernal sky
The musicians diluted their music in the wind all night long

The colors have disappeared, my love, only a white sky remains;
Scarlet notes and our two bodies entwined
My love the sun is an angel, it dances before my eyes
Take my hand in the rain your laughter tinges my heart
Put my hand on your chest, the rain dilutes lovers

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