Tibet! (EN)

It’s a high altitude dream
Shangri-La is still amazed
Here the horses are as intelligent
As the dogs

And your face envelops the dawn
With an idea barely touched
With my fingertips, extinguishing the candle
The black smoke from the reddening sky

The stones pile up in the garden
And we dance under the awning
Like a thousand shooting stars
My memories make garlands in your eyes that hope

The circular street of Lhasa
Bewitches thousands of pilgrims
Like us, absorbed in liquid thoughts
Haunted by tomorrow

A boiling tea spilled
On my lap, and I shouted
A sentence in a sparse dzonghka
Bring me the Times – so I can make paper airplanes out of it

But already a procession has come past us
My shoulder still bears the stigma
Of the boisterous and stony winds
Tibet I’d come back at Mongolian time

To look for bread in the furnace
Of summer lying under the feet of the sun
On the road to Red Feather Lake
Buddhism has swarmed like a hurried bee,

Like an avalanche of modesty,
Traveler, wait for me on the platform
I finish my coffee, I join you
Let’s leave Amdo and go tomorrow

In the exile of our brick hearts
The color of sacrifice
The scent of a closed border
A gust of independence

Traveler, let’s erase the McMahon line
With chewed gum
And then stuck on the paper,
Placed on the paper of the world

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