The Porsche is catching fire

The sky is clearing
The morning moans in dots
I fell in love with the din, the chaos emanating
From the blaze of my black Porsche

I fell in love with the chaos
A newspaper swirls in the purple sky
The stars are falling in the silence
Of an infinite light

I fell in love
With a billboard
A look like a cutter

An angel took my hand
On the Champs-Elysées
My Porsche was burning
I took the embers with my bare hand
And threw them in the face of the sun

I fell in love
With an idea, with a silent dream,
The sky uncovered my shoulders
In front of the blaze of my ideas
The rain has made them fresher since

The war memorial Place de l’étoile
Looks at my car burning
And my thoughts dance before the wreaths of flowers
Swarms of birds are singing
Their flight is disordered

Take me away from his beautiful face
Far from the avenue, far from the headlights
Where the light melts into the night,
In a seductive huis-clos
Far from the smoke far from the clamor

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