Poet, abandon the roses!

The wind whistles between its smooth teeth
A murderous refrain:
« Poet, son of the unsightly clouds,
Shady in front of your chimeras,
Constellated of contagious doubts « .

The wind whispers to him in the collar
« Eh, poet, son of dog,
You that the lawyer despises
By imitating you,
You that the servant seeks in vain
In the borrowed smiles of his boss,
Eh, you insipid outsider,
You are invoked in high schools,
Without ever meeting you… ».

« …But every schoolgirl,
Every doctor,
Every clergyman,
Could embody you
If you let them approach you.

« Abandon your roses
Pick a flower in the emaciated tar
Let the naked woman dress herself
You have become numb while contemplating her.
Let the child and the degenerate
Steal your feather and dissect it
Draw in the cold air of December
The news from the front
The thoughts of the workers on the path of doubts
The look of the old women
Their emaciated elbows on the window sills ».

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