Flamed Plane

The plane passed in front of the moon
I put away my service weapon
To look through the smooth glass
The wind danced in front of the mist

My neighbor is a criminal
I watch her lacy hands
Grabbing the steaming coffee
In a deafening noise

When we get out of the machine
I’ll crumple her laces
Pass her two iron rings
And take my salary

But the plane is still running before he moon
And in front of the window one of the wings smokes
Did the moon reverberate there?
My coffee spilled

My neighbor caught my eye
The other passengers are falling asleep
We watch each other in the dark
And the moon illuminates our shapeless fears

The stewardess didn’t notice anything
Through the window filled with smoke
I see the earth burning too
No way to come back to life

My watch has started again
And my neighbor cries waterproof tears
I pray for time to stop
The plane begins its descent

It rains on the right wing
The smoke is quickly cleared
The plane flies over another continent
The fire is on the ground now

My neighbor folded her gloves
And whistled a glass of white wine
The morning has taken over
And brightened the face of the world

It’s still raining on earth
We land safely
But all around the cabin
The heat wave spreads in waves

I let my beautiful criminal go
For we come from the same sky
Mine is certainly shaded with white
Her with a more damned turn

I return home dazed
My watch stopped again
The flames were the only companions
Of my car in the countryside

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