Black waters / Mai Ndombe

Above the diamond and uranium tanks,

Mai ndombe*
(Lingala: black water)

The size of the lake varies with the rains

The mouth of the Fimi River

Lined with thick forest

To the ports of Inongo and Ndongese

Poor ballados* shaken by the water
(French: your street vendors of Brazzaville)

I see the smile of my girlfriend in the greenish curtain

Mai ndombe

I killed this girl one summer day

I am exhausted

In the shaking of the leaves, a likama* (Lingala: danger)
(lingala: danger)

The forest has seduced with its tender green

Nabungi nzela*
(Lingala: I am lost)

My hand in visor on my forehead

I look for a bana imbwa* with my eyes
(lingala: puppy / teenagers good swimmers working next to the port / available)

God has postponed my remorse

The wooden boat goes at the pace of a chameleon

It splits the fabric of my memories

It is not the moment to die

Its prow eaten by the worms travels the water

May 27, 2019

A maswa* haunted by the ocean
(lingala: boat)

Sank because of the wind

100 sparks of soul in the londénde*
(lingala: fog)

Salisa ngai!
(Lingala: help!)

Ring the conscience of the lost souls of politicians

Prohibition to navigate on the ebale*
(lingala: the river)

A sátongé* flies out of the water
(lingala: dragonfly)

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