To my reader

Reader, my brother in arms
The black kites drop bombs of light
On this mysterious poetry
When they hear the call of the land
And my verses rip open their sky

Reader, come, in my invisible armes
Let’s chase the dawn before time catches us
And lock it up without mercy
In a cage of blue light

Reader, take my hand,
Let’s melt into the screams of smoke

Let’s draw letters with chalk
On the vaulted backs of our nation’s great churches
Let’s stare at the world falling apart
In the light of these torches of grey ink

Reader, my only love, the palm trees sway
It is a flamenco air
Dance with me until dawn,
Lock yourself with m in the depth of the night;

Theses lines are haunted by your silence
Down by the the scarlet waters of an ocean –
Hoping that you will read me,
I have trodden the salt that made up my writing
And burned my ankles
To your cruel gaze

A golden wave criss-crossed the ocean of these verses
Its shadow still dances
On the walls of my love for you

Reader, believe me,
I need you
To make the paper live

You made me believe in the unspeakable flesh
Of my song; I need you
To destroy the wind

Without you it is impossible for me
To make the ocean of words
Drift to hell

Reader, traveler of these lines, lover
Stay with me until dusk comes
Reading my desire for you
Sprinkled with purple oil
Of this strange flow of words

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