The shadow of a doubt

I met an angel on the highway
Was it the shadow of a doubt,
The reflection of my death?
I caressed his face, he bit my lip
I fell silent, the fog invaded the tollbooth

He took me away from the pavement,
On a cloud deserted by sentiment
He laughed, my tears flowed, I regretted life
Was he a demon, a reflection of my existence?
His hand caressed my frozen fingers, I smiled

We did not speak, the sun rose
The cloud dispersed, my companion disappeared
My car was smoking in the ditch, overturned
I looked up to the sky, I saw him
The reflection of an angel

Was he the shadow of my doubts?
The reflection of a stain on my life?
His black cloak turned to mist, I went home
My wife asked me where the audi had gone
Her earrings were tearing the veil of my consciousness

The sun was glowing and I packed my suitcase
My hands were bloody, my dog licked them
I walked a few miles under the burning sun
Eyes drowned in the sea of ochre clouds

Then I knelt down, the earth was wet with my blood
I looked at the sky, this great Inquisitor
Who knows the depths of our souls
And licks our most beautiful sorrows
My friends would be looking for me, I should go home

But the angel came back for me,
The sun got darker, like a premonition
My body was aching, my dog approached
We were alone on earth, no past, no desire,
The angel took my hand and kissed me,

I closed my eyes and my doubts turned to death

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