The old beggar (song)

An old beggar came knocking at my window
The storm was knocking on the doors, the horses were neighing, and my hands were freezing
He spat red volutes and laughed, possessed as he was by the bottomless night

A gorse fire crackled. The old man cleared his throat. He sang:
« I, who live on roots and berries, found a bag of gold in the ditch….
The corpse of a wolf was lying in front of the village, its eyes still sparkling.

Traveler, it’s raining, let’s go and shelter in the hollow of a dolmen
Crossed legs, on the straw, let us listen to the abbot singing the Song of Paradise
A halo of fire will redden the pale flesh of the fairies

Our livid smiles linger on the shadows of the roses
A staircase disappears in volutes of blue smoke
Listen to me, don’t climb these steps, stay by my side

Let me close your eyelids, traveler – let me lay you down on the wet straw
The Old Testament has crumbled into granite dust
The oaks could not flee. They keep the scars of the rain;

The sky flows like a fountain of salt, on our eyes already irritated by the trembling morning
The bewitched bird asked me your name. I told him and he flew away, silent
Will I ever see him again? I followed the dark trace of his flight in the pink folds of the twilight

No doubt he joined the reverse side of the horizon
See, the dawn contemplates us. She puts her hand on the feverish forehead of the sun
The night has muffled our weak cries. The forest still bleeds, the chalky grass crackles

I cut the mountain in stone all night long
I built a bridge over the hours, a bewitched bridge
The ivy sealed the fate of my work and I waited for you to cross it,

The woman is combing her hair in the shade of a plane tree;
There is a pond and the flower of the broom which received too many drops of mead
The water is clouded with white gold. The ocean caresses a black chapel which awaits the boats

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