The Mountain of the Soul

Today my ink is dry
The birds have fallen silent, the wind no longer blows
The sun has burned the night, it’s gone to shreds
Will you think of me? I am going to the mountain.
Will you think of me when I contemplate
At the top of the pink clouds,
Our cities spread out in a pale darkness?

Love is a sea of dreams but
How to survive without the sea?
How not to get hurt while picking the blackberries
Whose juice makes you want to live, tell me how?

I left this morning, without anything, taking the wind with me,
I crossed the city, the glowing companies, the forest, the valleys,
Your smile dazzled in me every time I met another man,

God, the mountain was beautiful. It suddenly appeared to me;
She looked up at the sky like a proud dancer.

I clutched my hand to my chest
I felt pain. A bird (or was it the reflection of my fear?) stroke my face;
I walked the steep paths, I got lost a hundred times
And it is thirsty, desperate, it is there,
That the ice creature stood before my dark eyes
Like a fallen angel waiting for his hour to devour my soul

With my hands in the melted snow, I chewed some herbs,
Then I lay down on a bed of moss,

The wind caressed my face like a sincere friend,
My eyes closed, I saw your smile again,

You never knew where I went,
The avalanche covered my burning body,
You never knew who placed in front of your closed door
This million verses, which were intended for you,

Consider that it was the wind, which gave you the gift.

I never knew if he was my friend
Or if he was laughing at my soft heart

Take these verses, if one day you too
By love you take the same road as me
To the mountain of the soul,
For a more beautiful woman, a less vain lover than me

These words will be the flames which will maintain you in life
May they light your way
And that the impotent moon
On its perch of wrought iron,
Observe your journey
And once you reach the top
May you recover your lost smile
May your heart be warmed

As you see our city illuminated below
The clouds will brush against you in a dreamy ballet
The flowers will open their corollas and the mosses will caress you
Then you’ll realize that this life was real
And without knowing how you stayed alive,
You’ll make your way back to our neighborhood, yes,
Yes, the mountain was beautiful;
But it was only an impatient dream,
My love, run away from the danger of its company
Come and take the dawn in your bright palms

And one day, embracing the one you will marry,
You will gaze at the snowy peaks
From the roof of your terrace;

At this point of your life, think of me who disappeared on a winter morning,
Who was your friend and still loves you from her night
My ashes are mixed with the eternal snow
And I’ve been watching you for a long time,
From the heart of the icy flowers of the mountain of the soul

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