Arashiyama (EN2)

The petals of flowers are plunged
In the glittering water of Lake Biwa

Behind the fog, a portal of fire
Your shadow calls me in the night

The bagpipes sway and laugh
Like snakes of ice

I undressed in the frozen water
The silver fish are watching our steps

I feel drugged by the colors of the sky
I have forgotten the city’s Umeda Sky Building

Lake Biwa tells a tale of love; in Arashiyama
Gods in suits curse the rain falling onto the forest

Let’s go wring the neck of hours
Let’s write our dreams in the bark of the trees

The pines are blazing on the hills
And the nearby city smells of sulfur and death

The golden pavilion is submerged in pain
The sky is burning under the night lights

Arashiyama shelters sylvan dreams
The stars envelop the forest with their light

A woman sat on the threshold of twilight
The moon reflected the sparkle of dark petals on her cheeks

Opposite winds stirred the turbid water
Electronic music – the reeds fly away

I loved you behind the fog
In Arashiyama

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