The Capitain (EN)

Traveler, poetry lingers on my eyelids
The ocean is pale, its shadows greet me
Bursts of laughter fly away, the foam escorts us
I waited a hundred days for your voice to reach me,

The horizon underwent the assaults of the morning
My wound was reopened, I saw the sun again
Today I play whist with the dawn,
Traveller our boat splits the liquid cape of giants

I am a thirsty sailor, a chimeric captain,
Love is my promised land, honor my government
I don’t care if I sink as long as the violins dance,
Your smile dazzles the black wall of my soul,

Traveler, I cannot forget your face, for it is printed in my soul,
Nor the taste of salt water in these concrete cities
The ice opens in front of the bow, my heart sinks in the ocean
And the seaweed encloses it in a case of iodine and oblivion

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