◍◵◶●◐ / Luggage (Martian + English)

◩◛◚◙ (traveler), wait for me, my bags are ready
I’m taking nothing but the fire of the capital
It burns my memory, your laughter,
The light at the end of this tunnel of words
The sky laughs at us, we have burned too much
I’ll leave the ▘⌑◨◊❏⭓⭔░(hotel) to buy an idea
The sun clears my throat, reddened by sleep
What day is it? All the clocks are gone,
The night still amuses my half-closed eyelids
The ▚☗▮◪ (sheets) have been frozen by a shameless wind
The day lingers here on our heckled foreheads
The morning has survived a beating night
The scent of the clouds, like ❁꧂꧁𓇕𓇗 (amaranth) flowers
My dress is too large, the sky washed my sighs
A tango fades, our memories fade
And you wait for me behind a curtain of light
◩◛◚◙ (traveler) wait for me, my ◍◵◶●◐ (luggage) is ready,
I carry nothing but the fire of my capital

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