Act (translated from German)

Friend, act, stop your reading
While you still have a heaven
Forget your damned bed head, act
While the morning star still mildly illuminates your face
Cherish the now, here and there
The freckled blue instant
For I hold the past
For tangled, absurd and mega-slippery

Soon our every fear will die out like migratory birds
In a garden next to flower boxes
The wings of love will fold up their brittle lip
Like the ladybug’s, unforeseen
For our eyes will never see this mysterious powder,
Forever on the metal foil of the sky
And while your eyes catch carbon dioxide
Act my love, before all action absolves

Act with the most reckless care
Act before the clouds shrink further,
Act with the most careful recklessness,
Before the dyes of life run out of momentum,


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