YUKI (The Snow) / English translation

The snow falls
Like rubble
On a ground bathed
Of raw light.

Each flake
Lights a flash of lightning
In my consciousness
And I watch the snow
In vintage flakes
In the floating city
And freeze in the air

I can’t take my eyes off
My gaze
From the white tears
Of the night
I lose control
Slowly, gently
Of my mind.

Like rubble
The snow falls
On each of my promises
Huge and slippery
Like a stream of mud
In the bottomless fog
There someone is waiting for me
Calmly, firmly.

But I watch the snow fall
And covering the city
Endlessly, along the streets
Like rubble
Drowning lives

I feel death
Covering the snow
And the snow
Sealing my fate
It’s still falling
My eyes get wet
Dried flakes
Under my exhausted lashes.

I blacken my eyes
In the folds of my soul
And the snow alarms me
Behind the fog
Someone is waiting for me
But before me
The snow falls
In violent swirls
It covers the roof
Of weary hopes

The houses around
Have closed their shutters
I cannot move
I am caught in the hands
Of the frozen matter
I am his servant
Her man of burden
Her curved mountain,
I am chained to its shine
My bark of flesh
I shrink from his aplomb

To its impeccable frostbite,
And I tremble with fever
But the snow covers
The whole ground
Dazzles my errors
And blurs my sight
With its temptations
Blinds the corners
Of my fear
And covers the intuition
Of love

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