Roland Garros (English translation)

In the antechamber of the ocean
Her aerial train broke down
The demoiselle, a chic girl, has beautiful eyes
But she is a man-eater
That the worried sky forgives
To the first light aircraft of aeronautics

I drove Bugattis for love
I cycled along the Côte d’Azur
1912 new record
At 4950 meters, my flying companion
Flies away, and I skate on the cloudy track

One hundred years ago, in a Blériot
My dark biplane, above the water
A rough installation of oxygen
Two hours of gas, be serene.
It is enough for me to innovate

Propeller planes shoot over Dives
Prisoner three years in Germany
I dream of the azurean mountains

Killed in an air combat
At Saint-Morel, in the Ardennes
My plane plunges in a sudden fixity
Still young and dead in vain

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