La bruxa / The witch (English translation)

There is a bruxa (witch) in front of me
She asks me if I know you
I think she loves you too
I’ll pay with my life

The night has wrapped my shoulders
Like a silent friend
She handed me a rose
I dipped the petals in alcohol
To get a blaze of ink

The night followed me until the morning
Without asking me where I was going
The bruxa sang for a long time
I think she put a spell on me
She condemned me to never speak to you
Except through these poems

I cried for a hundred days
Then I dipped my pen in the night
I looked for a way to light your soul
My task was long and impossible

Aqui a luz vê melhor
(Here in the light you see better)
The sun burned the palm of my hand
I sewed a rose on my blouse
It fell into the river
I dived to recover the petals

I’ll make 50 proof alcohol out of it
To intoxicate you when the night falls
From its bewitched pedestal
Your look is enough to soothe my wounds

Fui ao teatro
(I went to the theater)
Your ghost was playing with my hair
I went home with my hands in my pockets
The walls of my city were naked
When this curse ends
We’ll bathe at dusk
In the lights of the port
Until the night leaves us alone

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