Duna vize / The water of the Danube (Hungarian / English)

I took the train to the West Station of Budapest to escape this strange feeling
Hundred hours of landscapes mixed with a golden rain
There was a team of soccer players in the bar car
The captain offered me a glass of konyak (cognac); the rain beat like a heart on the windows
Béla Bartók’s music was hurting me, because I’m leaving far from the man I love
My eyes are red like demon eyes and the windows are dripping
My rúzs wiped on a paper napkin, I looked at the night, I pulled the curtain
I drank a Tokaj bora (Tokaj wine), I was drunk, the clouds spoke to me
The train finally dropped me off, and I wandered until morning
dipping the memory of your face in the Duna vize (the water of the Danube)
My love, várlak titeket (I’m waiting for you) on the deserted banks of the river
My watch fell into the waves, and I continued my way
Sless! (hurry) to join me, the sun already drowns my body in the ocean of death
Vigyázz (be careful), Budapest is full of dirty alleys
A ghost took my hand to lead me to your smile,
Enveloping me in his furmint (stained) translucent veil, he took me to a garden
I closed my eyes I undressed and laid on the wet grass
Come and close my eyes before the moonlight erases my shadow
This poem is the dream of a nyelvész (linguist) in love with your language
Passion is a tilos az ájárás, a dead end
I looked for the way out of this labyrinth, your eyes in a corner of my consciousness,
Hány óra van? (What time is it?). Time has become a stranger to me
Fáj a gyomrom (my heart aches) forget me before I fall into ashes
Let me flee to the mountain, a bükk (beech tree) follows me with his tree eyes
Love is the takács (weaver) of the flames in every chrch
I take a little pálinka (brandy) to share with the night and the mocking clouds
The wind passes a throbbing hanglemez (disc) I think it understands my sighs
Life is a mozi (cinema) of stone, forged by the water of our destinies
I am your eladólány (slave), and my vevő (buyer) wants to see me plunge into the Danube
The Bazilika is lit, my night dresses flies and extinguishes the candles
And our promises of yesterday, as if they were thin flames
Drágám (my love), álmos vagyok (I’m sleepy), lay me down on the damp earth
I have láz (fever) I can’t find orvosság (remeid) in the fire of poetry
I will leave Budapest to go to the next rendőrség (police station) and confess the murder of my soul

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