THE LAKE OF KLEIFARVATN (English translation)

Traveler, jump out of this 4X4 on the way to hell
The sky burned us with its glass eye
Your pupils reflected my soul, on the land of Iceland
My love, I have never loved my presence in this world so much

The lake of Kleifarvatn extends its oily arms to us
Your smile is my compass, I’ve given up saying goodbye to you
An aurora borealis sucks my bold soul
Take my hand under the storm, the snow can be deceiving

Darkness flooded our voices for six hundred days
In the crack of the ice, a volcano was spitting blood
Its rumble swallowed our sighs, the night was dressed in light,
Your lips rested on my heart, like a little sea water

A television syringes its cold music on Reikjavik
Your watch has stopped, my heart counts the minutes
That separate us, and the clouds are ablaze
Traveler I have lost my love for you on the land of Iceland

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