Stockbrocker (English translation)

On an unforgiving night,

A strange train overturned

On the side of my body

I saw on a burning cloud

My childhood friend splashed with blue light

Who told me to go away

On the way back

I passed a smuggler

With his hands clasped around the neck

A bag from the airmail

I’m just a stockbroker in this game

A light sprinkled with rage

Warms my days without clocks

Corseted by the movements of the crowd,

Projected against my fellow citizens,

I’ve been lured into a whirlwind of souls

A small, faded town

Your slum of Little Girl Bay

In the shadow of red smoke

The winter had flattened out like

A dog playing jacks

On the shores of Lake Superior

Our loud laughter was gone

And the birds were unraveling

In anguish of folded rags

Finished unloading the empty cars

The purple slides

I stayed at the beating night

Hesitating in front of the window

A green light crosses my pane

In the distance the ocean has risen,

It buried my face

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