Bengal (English translation)

Chafing yourself
to the point of tearing
to the lacerated body of trees
of the Bengal

the time of a glow
the whole stars
bathed in the pale night ;
dried in the pure sheet
of the endless sky.

with the horins (deer)
that come and go
in childish dreams
and glide over our dreams
like salt on the tongue

on the lands dried up
by the exhaust pipes: the earth is
in the heat of the streets.

the tears of smoke
of steel cars
spreading their power on the roads
like a fluid, densified wave.

the sweat of the undead; in the elegant marbles,
the carefree power
of the ruined prashads (palaces)

in front of the ornate walls and like the banyan (fig tree)
surround themselves with necklaces of dense leaves

And caress
the thousand-year-old trees
that trace a line of departure
to the aranyas (forests) populated by white spells

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