SONNET (English)

Your words were forgotten in the fire of time

I walked this street spitting on the chiming windows

And dreaming of the sun that collected my vows

But no one came ever, who could resemble you

Advertisements lit up a wild yet shining sky

And the city bandaged its overwhelming dye

Not one could see the blood come from my wound,

Life never ever waits, too busy with its lies

Your heart is a cool place, that the sunlight avoids

A hundred meters back from the chords of my past,

A column of dark dust, eaten away by the current

That I thought all these years, to have sought forever

I stayed outside your house, waiting for the dull night

Lulled by the trees, the stars, and their despaired music

Stroke by the smell of death, this tardy amnesty

By the voices of passers-by that love irradiate too

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