Shakespearean Night

The night is Shakespearean
A kingpin and a ballerina fight for the stars
And kiss each other on Boulevard des Maréchaux
I smoke the romantic lakes with my words
The children play, the park is fenced,
The television lowers my candid eyelids
Shooting in freestyle under the rain
Camera on board on the Quays of the Seine,
One shot in love, the night illuminates
Our urban legends in salty tears on the concrete
The purple neons reflect our wanderings
Your glance on a window, torn curtains,
I finish the race in a flatbed — Traveler, I am
In immersion in the mountains of love
And the night is Shakespearean
Format 66 minutes, deserted boulevards,
The rain washes the eyes of the angels,
I smoke the sky of my crystal destiny
You played between the lines, and I lost
The roses of my conscience have fallen in the center
And love extinguishes the torch of my soul

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