The Train of Aso (English translation)

The seven star train of Aso
Crosses the night of Kyushu prefecture
Under the yellow cotton of the sky

The slope of the mountains descended by the dense clouds
A polyphony of blue and gold
In the night of the Miyazaki coast

To be swallowed by the noise of the rails,
When the coffee smells like fresh earth

I crushed a ripe cherry on the frozen window
In the night of Kyushu ;

And I stroked the purple velvet seat
In the morning the smoke of the onsen (Japanese baths) wrings us out

The volcano of Aso groans, its temples
Were shredded by rainbirds;

Take my hand, let’s walk in the mountain,
Already the road turns, like our misty souls
The train has stopped, even the piano bar has fallen silent

The workshops of the city of Arita
Cover the pupil of your eyes
With a cracked ceramic of white desire

It is a lottery of green purity
That spreads out as far as the horizon
The rails tumble down the paths
And fall, and fall under the clouds

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