The Glass Cinema

Field-counter-field on the wandering night,
The lagoon probes our souls, an overseas symphony,
The city puts in abyme our dreams of absolute
And the Internet falls asleep over the palliative agony of lovers,
I will not burn my eyes to the doomed algorithms
The romantic multiverse has put oil on my shirt,
In a world where everything revolves around flickering pixels,
I have evacuated the pale light of love, the irresistible glow
By joining my slender fingers to the beams of the churches
No love potion can submerge the ocean
In its worldly race the sun sacks the rivers,
Lichen and moss do their ablutions under the rain,
The still water is sacred, even the deer drink from it
Twilight cities, forests in red and black
A bittersweet drift towards the astral infinite,
The sarcasm of an angel prostrate on a Bible,
A melancholic God with a heart too insensitive
Surreal kisses, iced gin, cloudy coffee,
Paradoxes in costume, Hollywood ghosts,
Laughing melancholy with an idealistic soul
Solitude is a stained glass window, a cinema of glass

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