The exit of offices (English translation)

Tuesday afternoon,
The exit of the offices.
Dominoes in a row
Slide towards the ocean.
Their confident look
Promise them tonight
To find their wives.
I have a job in my pocket,
No need to beg anymore.
I imagine his look;
My father’s pride:
That my life will change,
I am hallucinated.

[And my city is tearing like a wet newspaper. The drops on the windows? The sweat of the
of the abandoned. A bird grinds in the wind. What more could you ask for?]

Suddenly a door slams,
Behind me, a woman passes.
The desire to accost her
Of course, I felt the urge to accost her.
I would have asked her
The secret of drunkenness;
I don’t know why.
That afternoon,
I followed this woman,
To the edge of the ocean,
Four hundred steps behind her,
Eyes on her tights;
My city was crumbling.

[The recruiter’s smile, the lamp on his desk. And the years passing, then the contract
signed, with my name at the bottom. My name at the bottom…]

In front of the ocean, there was only a bench.
I stayed there, thinking; the beach was deserted.
I am a city girl, and I am not your age,
My charcoal t-shirt and my cotton trench coat
Do not make illusion.
My eyes glide through life like two cross-country skiers,
And the powder sometimes burns my face.
That afternoon,
The ocean sucked me in.
Was it the burning waves,
Or the desire to dive?
I got up at last, it was getting dark,
I screwed my shoes into the scattered stone.

[I stayed until the evening
By the bench on the beach,
But my feet in the waves.
The ocean soon taught me
That one must be upright,
If you want to be happy.
And I went home.
The TV on
Sent me back the image
Of a roasted face;
I changed the channel, and cursed the time
That makes men of us
But living men].

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