Radio Pakistan Gilgit (English translation)

The diyor (villages) fall asleep with a sigh
The mountains crackle with the sound of the Pakistan Gilgit Radio
The landscape is swept by the April snow
Wheat and barley take on the colors of the sun

Can you hear the murmur of the yaks?
They bathe in lakes of moonlight
The village chief gathered the sleeping clan
To settle a korubor (affair) between two sisters

While the children stubbornly bickered
A little girl covered a terek (poplar tree) with her laughter
As for me, in the humid jengal (forest)
I will plunge my hands into the depths of the streams

Where the mythical yash (horse) leaps above the stars
Beware! There is a fowj (army) lurking in the green shadow
The glare of white blades pierces the panicked night
I turned off the oil lamp in my dafdar (office); I closed my eyes

A spirit juggled with the beads of my ideas
A tambourine music came to me from the terrified peaks;
Can you hear it tearing the curtain of innocence in the evening?
The music makes the red birds of our souls dance

In what izyat (honor) have the nightingales fallen silent?
Let me wrap your blue soul in this burning silk,
Tomorrow, on Eid-e-Fitar, the bride will step forward with a light foot;
A sirsila (silver chain with precious stones) will shine around her neck

Her veil will dance above her osmon savz (blue) hat
The muki (priest) will officiate under the April snow
And like a flag caught in a blazing wind,
The moon will blow. It will bring the night to earth –

See how your forehead burns, it’s too scratched by the light of my words
Lie down in the cool grass, I’ll bring you some tea
These stretches of verses are bijon (soulless) and stripped by the hours
Our insof (wisdom), it will be necessary to draw it in the abyss of the effort

For traveler, noinsof (without wisdom) what good is it to continue writing?
What is the point of hovering over life like a brown leaf,
Like a vulture intoxicated by the sky,
To which the trees make an insincere hedge of praise?

Note: (in Wakhi χik zik, Wakhi language or χikwor) is an Iranian language spoken in the Upper Tajikshan Autonomous District of Tajikistan, as well as in nearby areas in Afghanistan. Other speakers of the language are found in Chitral, Pakistan and Xinjiang in China. According to Ivan Steblin-Kamensky, the population of Wakhis can be estimated at 20,000 to 25,000 people. (Wikipedia)

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