Morderens Skygge (The shadow of a murderer) / English translation

De hart att me dalle sakene sine
(they took all their stuff with them)

To come and live in the open-air hall of a station
From the tulip fields fly cottony spores:
The fire of hope has burned their claims

Passers-by drag their polluted eyes over their camp
Old women’s eyes pop out of their sockets
They pitch their tents, the young go barefoot
They make themselves almost invisible by lengthening their steps

Their discretion embarrasses our eyes – they disappear little by little
As if they had become the posters of this train station;
Paper haunted by death, the reverse side of dreams
Who are these men?

And svar (an answer) shakes the white suckers of the morning
They are the tomorrow, the day, the night, our future
And God sews his copper cloth on the ironed sheet of day
The hall welcomes a petroleum cascade of bilene (cars)

Broren min (my brother), my smile froze on the lake of remembrance
The years passed, the rain made up the ideas, rained down the paths, erased the ink on our train tickets;
The shady birches of Forente Nasjoner (the United Nations)
Were felled by lightning

A stranger haunted by remorse tore off his shadow
He sewed it on the red morning sky,
As for me
I rediscovered this river of regrets in me

Disse fine manérene hans irriter meg (his distinguished manners irritate me)
My brother you were waiting for the train, my blue night shadow was floating by your side
Love hid in me, a whistle pierced the morning
The controller was watching for the last of the passengers,

In our carriage, near a torn and probably dated newspaper,
A peasant watched the sun go down, the snow
Caught the wet eyelashes of Norway
Who were these men?

Morderens skygge (the assassin’s shadow) haunts our mirrors
Like a specter emanating from the grave of a prostitute
Guilty needles have shredded the sandpaper of history
These men, who were they?

Du er helt gal (you are completely crazy)
Do you remember? That morning a double bass kissed our tears
We danced on the train until one of us gave up
And these men? We gave them shelter in our memories

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