Missing the sea

I walked relentlessly, my boat tearing the horizon,
Love was glowing like a sweet face on the back of the clouds,
I cried silently, the crows can testify,
No path was to be seen and the sea laughed at me.

I miss the oblivion, the long yellow river,
Of childhood innocence, Oh that I loved the sea !
Its iced eyes on my knees, its laughter on my chest,
I learnt to love some men but I miss the ocean.

For it taught me to swim among violent rivers,
Love’s current was too strong, sometimes carried me away,
I’ll miss the vivid touch of dream on my lips
And the humming skies rising above waters,

Earth is watched by strange birds, their feathers fall astray,
My past is made of steel, for you shattered my dreams,
I asked my burning throat, to let me breathe a bit
I asked ocean’s birds, do the sea even cries?

The night is doomed, a mystery, and the skies turned violet,
There are black dots on waves, black clouds on my heart,
I overcame my fear, I overcame frail skies
But ocean will dry, when I forget your smile

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