Kayig (Girl) / English translation

The red sun burns the bronze of a fohet (squirrel)
The region of the lake of the sun and the moon
A malonem (deer) hems in my paper
His warm breath absorbs the dew
From my words
A rarikah (centipede) pierced by the ayam (bird) of my words
And lurking in the shadows
The calm smile of a tomay (bear)

My eyelids splashed with tagdal (light)
When the island of the Orchid
Unveils itself,
The valley of the eastern rift
Is soaked with the veils of the past,
And the balloon of namal (fire) goes out

It is night;
A child spurts on the total sky
A glottal interruption:
A language Amis (of the north)
Here the silence is dosed –
Masalaw (the rain has stopped)

Kayig (girl), leave your inkwell
Na mahalok kiso haw (have you dined?)
Your books swell on the silicon pillow
Of your ten square meters
Paris is flooded with your tears
Have some kohi (coffee)
Come to this country,

Tgilen ko tolon no mako (listen to my words!)
Negnegen kako! (Follow me!)
Macidalay to (the weather is clearing)
Come and see where the clouds end
The gates of hell are closing in your path

Today – caay ho paso’lin kako? (you’re not sleeping yet?)
A single man decorates
The buses bathed in democracy
Pinaay ko romi’ad no ccay a lipay hani? (how many days are there in a week?)
Ci’atimla konini a waco (this dog has fleas),
The goddess Dogi has deserted this country
And the saws sing of modernity
In the skies in my sintiih (dream)
The smell of cherries spreads my nostrils

Japanese settlers have trampled the golden clovers
A bamboo fence and at the entrance to my village
An adawag (high guard tower)
Flattered by the sounds of the kilag (tree)

Kiyag (young girl) you sip the coulis
Of red beans
Of an overcooked day
The Yushan (jade mountain) sucks the cloudy wine
Of the gray morning
On your soft lips
Fa’det ko cidal kirami si’naw kako
(the sun is hot but I’m cold)

Come with me to the end of this place
Tell me what I should do
Mitoris to ciwcika (make the sign of the cross)?
Caay pimisa (miss mass)?
As far as I am concerned
Mamakro kako (I will dance)
Sing with me
One of the languages of this country

A red flower dances
Behind the ferns,
The black flame of your eyes
Chases my death
And the purple mosquitoes
Take hold of the cloudy voluptuousness

Kayig (young girl),
Takaraw ko lotok (the mountain is high)
Pasiwaliay (towards the east)
If you will
Pasa’amis kako (I go north)
Where the boar
Destroys the evening
Moaning gallons of fog

See already,
In reverse of my cadenced steps like
Matdi ko folad (the moon shines)

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