Hotel Finje 1222 (English translation)

Hotel Finje 1222 between heaven and earth
The imprint of time sprays on the dirty sheets
An icy art of living, my neighbor drinks wine,
The confined air blackens our livid souls
The mini-bar empties, a head voice sings again,
She sings the Norwegian hymn and my heart flies away
The smell of fire crackles in the hall
We watch the stalactites dancing in the dew
The village school has already closed its doors
The roses of stupor are swinging in the windows
A bright light blows on the earth,
Hotel Finje 1222 between heaven and hell,
Gusts of dreams rob our souls
A quarter of an hour of walking, our knees tremble,
My eyelashes chase the snow, and the blood convulses
On the crystal expanse – Traveler let’s challenge the cold
The Ice Music Festival welcomes lost birds
It is a timeless and magical performance
Get off the train one station further
Finje pulls away at Vatnahalsen (literally « the neck of the water ») station
A waterfall downstream from the Fjord,
Take this knife, let’s go camping together
A raspberry farmer hosts us
Traveler I love you — your lips are starting to freeze
I haven’t forgotten the liquor from the hotel
The apples shine under the white light
I look for your face in the slush
The cabins here have no water or electricity
Thick red smoke haunts the horizon
Jump off the moving train, let’s go to the mountain,
The coffee is too hot, the cookies too sweet,
I want to spend my life with you between heaven and earth,
But the room darkens, the wind shakes the lace
A picture of light frames the snow of Finje

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