Fenua Eata / The land of Men (English translation)

The atoll fragility of your eyes
Your face stained by sun and time
Rests in the water like a bit of melted sugar
The hawks circle in the sky,
Cargoes of souls sink into the syphons
The wild stars fall asleep,
Life bubbles with autâpohoè (oxygen)
But the shadow of death is unpacking
Our vodkas oppose it a barricade
Piles of bottles clashed with illusions
Our entwined fingers beg him;
The moon burns the smell of the leaves,
Schools and hospitals fade away
The cliffs and the guava trees lower their eyes
Happiness and rain disappear,
The procession of the intranquil souls,
Led by this monster of mist
Dies – and life is reborn under the water
Let’s take down the kasorini (petrol) canopy
Above our heads
Where the wounded clouds blush
In the morning they will join
The oceanic spirits
Let’s pick up the light of the night
The archangelic testament
From the monstrous clouds
Will leave us eternity

Man covers Fenua Eata (the land of men) with his shadow
His heart is a chimera; his hands caress the binding of an evanerio (gospel)
And the pulp of the rubiaceous; like a soare (horse) drunk of iodine
It shreds the white skin of the Marquesas Islands
What is left in this mortuary backlight?
Àòè (nothing)?
The soapy slope of the plains?
The pink woods of Oceania?
The fog?
The ghostly train of the living?
Our eyes are shining with dew
Magdalena, Santa Christina
Our lives turn until we wake up
Like the hands of a watch
Like the blades of a nightmare;
This iodized feeling,
This demon disturbed in its sand bath,
You have brushed against it and your bones have lost their pearl

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