The Saiko (The Young Girl) / (Japanese / English)

The mountain sleeps in a snowy bower
Bewitched by the blue crystal rocks
The clouds assail the faded horizon
The golds merge with the pink of the sky
3776 kilometers of silver lakes
Traveler, the fatigue disappears on my lips,
A Shinto temple shelters our eyes
The kamis laugh at my pale complexion
Five lakes reverberate the beauty of the sky
No stopover, the rain syringes its drops
A saiko (young girl) dressed in white cloth
Waits patiently on the cable car
The fields of lavender turn blue,
Autumn sprinkles its tenderness,
On the wrinkled eyelids of the five lakes,
Fugaku fugetsu (the cave of the wind) is a glacier with an open heart
A spa warms our desires
Let’s spend the night in a dust-strewn ryokan
On the relaxing embers of a discarded futon
In the morning, the blue waters of Ashinoko
will reveal the black hull of a boat
On the shore, watching over the Hakone volcano
Let’s listen to the lava mountain growling with impatience!
The torii (Japanese gate) borders the thousand-year-old cedars
And against this sanctuary of trees
Lake Ashii offers a cheeky view
Traveler, let’s forget the hours and our fates
Let’s swim in the icy water of dreams
Mount Fuji has dazzled us with night sweats
It makes a belt of snow in the narrow skies
And the sun washes the pale horizons

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