Bodyguard (English)

I guarantee the security of the President
Close protection agent
You won’t see me in the street,
I am the master of illusions

The laughter of ghosts from my past
I’m on Adderall and anticonvulsants
I think I have a daughter she’ll be three
Her mother took her to Seoul

Last year I carried a diva in my arms
She twisted her ankle slapping me
Her lipstick is the cross I bear every day
I let her go, she was from another time

I’m the President’s security guard
In my padded leather case
I keep my bulletproof plates
And a revolver engraved on the handle

I was trained at the SDLP* (*service of the protection of the French police)
I could have been a poet, I could have been a fool
But the blood riddled with shadows the pages of my life
I could have been happy in a fearless reality –

But the wind tonight brings me back under a scorching sun
Drops on the face, on the lips
The cameras crackle on the body of the President
My shadow wipes his steps. I am his eclipse

In my earphones a piece of information
I turn around, a few seconds, isn’t it?
The President looks at me, I am on the ground
There is a sniper in the building

The President took my calloused hand in his
The flashes are crackling on me like angels
It’s the first time I’ve seen so much love
It’s the first time I close my eyes

I could have fallen in love with a woman
And my city, if only I could have seen her face again?
Travelers, who wish to murder boredom
In your cities of clay swept by dust

I have seen the smile of a hundred politicians fade
When they passed under the weirdest bridges of this city
I held their hand – like a mute old woman
I could have been a ray of light – but others had to be

Surrounded by concrete flowers, obsessed with hope,
Give me your last dream, your last tear tonight
I’m going to sail away on the darkest hours
I took a bullet hid in the waves of crime

Travelers with furtive smiles, vain lovers,
Think that life passes quickly, whatever people argue
Whatever women say when they want to seduce you
Life is a diva, hasten to consume yourself

And if you hear a bang again – that’s my heart exploding
Grab the chance you have like a Colt 45
Run in the rain to the one who loves you,
Make the night lie, make this page lie

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