Three words (I love you)

What should the first words be,

As my lips meet your impatient look ?

And what should my questions seek,

As they crush your lovely ear ?

I’ve been gliding through earth, I dived,

Naked and anxious to live the truth,

But no living soul answered my heart,

My love for you was endangered ,

Tell me, how should they look like ,

The first words that shall spike your heart ,

Should they invite you to diner,

Should they be lover’s, vain or foolish?

I’ve crossed horizons of colours, bluished,

Inhabited a hundred skies, but —

No cruelty haunted me like

You silence hooked on my naked lips

Tell my lover, what should I say,

Should I narrate you some hearsay?

Should I my love utter three words

The same lovers get eager to sing ?

As my lips meet the real you

Should I, lover, say I love you ?

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