Diamonds between Us

If love was a lie, a blur,

It would be a diamond, pure gold,

With no hurt, with no brisure,

If love was a lie told twice,

It would be a Saphire, a soldiers cold advice,

Adorning palling necks it would shimmer twice

If love was a secret no one knew,

It would be a diamond but it would not be dew,

For your eyes are the morning’s soul,

Youve asked me do I wish diamonds,

If I would love to buy a secrecy ring?

Tie lies around my fingers

Sorry I m a morning person not a beggar

And a stalker only of your

Every lie endangers tomorrow s dew

And lies would fall like ashes on the mattress of time’s

Burn your silence, tear our innocence,

Love, I won’t take jewellery from you,

You might still want to share a glass or two,

But I won’t let diamonds tear the skies of love,

For every lie would endanger our dreams,

Diamond between us __ like a doomed distance

Take these times, go near a Fenster ,

Morning is looming

Let us see it’s glow

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