Nuclear sun / Mahtaab (English / Urdu)

(Co-written and translated from English to Urdu by Humzah Al Kindi)

Close and far
Qareeb aur door

that is all I have got now
Ab bus yahi hai meray pass

I sense her there
Mai usay mehsos ker raha hon yahan

It is blurry, can’t tell for sure
Kuch dikhta nahi

she is not a woman
Pata nahi woh hai kay nahi

Not a shadow, not even no
Dhond bus dhond, woh aurat, kay saya

Her name glows in the valley
Uska naam chamkay wadi wadi

Like a nuclear sun
Jaise dekhata mahtaab

She is the reason I dampen my eyes

Meri ankhan bhigi hain uskay liyae

With the deep blue of this ocean
Ghara nila saagar me

She is the reason I pray
Woh meri dua uski sharat,

She is laughing at the falling stars

Uskay kehqay, tutay sitaray

Night strangles dawn

Raat nay din ki saans nikali

She comes closer to me
Woh meray pass aye

Her tongue licks my eyelids
Meri akhaan chateen

And death welcomes me
In its golden silent bath

Aur mai sone ki mout aghosh mai soya

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