Do not go to the sea

(co-written with Pakistani author Humzah Al Kindi)

Islamabad wakes up in golden and pink syrup
The night have swept all clouds, like an angry housemaid
I looked in the living-room, all my friends were gone
Birds were whirling around the roof of my house
And a plane tore the cold shadows of the new morning
Have you listened to my advice ? Do not go to the sea
The day’s scorching sun hurts our most deep scars
Do not go to the sea – the salt will burn your blood
Wait for me on the banks of commitment,
When the syrup of the morning will be drank,
Wait for me in the sunlight

I am a mess
Let me go to the sea
Let me go and be gone

The light in your eyes
The bliss in your voice
You are near
You are far
You are mist
You are dawn

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