Aashiq (English/Urdu)

Notice for reading: this poem is a tribute to Pakistan greatest progressive poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Faiz spoke for oppressed people and used the power of language and double meaning to propagate his ideas. The words used in this tribute poetry counts among the one Faiz used most.

Wit shall be discarded, for traveller khirad (empirical knowledge/establishment) is death
Tell me how you see these valleys, the greeneries, the aftermath
My words will resonate on walls with a splash of blood
Don’t you see the reddish glow behind my holly mood
I chew the taste of freedom, I was intoxicated, carried away
In my dar-o-rasan (political emprisonment) but now these clouds have gone, I sit on a railway
These tracks are History’s cold and speedy faces
I lost my takhallus (pen name) in the midst of blank spaces
Pages torn, wet, torn again, children throwing them at the face of the sun
Thousand smiles carrying the stains of sharab (wine / political awareness) as I run,
A lonely ghost I am, crawling and hiding my love in my stripped chest
I shake my shadow on the rains, as if shadows could extinguish sadness
I saw the face of my aashiq (lover/revolutionary) once,
He was walking alone, in the junoon (sublime madness/zeal for social justice) of an eternal dance
The moonlight stroke his ishq (love/revolutionary zeal)
The night drew heavy curtains on our firaq (separation/oppression by the State)
Down to the camellia  and gul (rose/political ideal) gardens, his hands lifted a doyel bird
A thousand followed in the blackish dawn, it was a rind (libertine/rebel)
Night. A night whitening horizons,
Breaking the zanjir (chains of slavery) of our poetic visions
For when the day of our visaal (union with the beloved/revolution or social change) will come, the mountains will suddenly form cups
And loosing forever my path, I will drink their snows with my bare lips

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