You are like water
Cooled, untroubled miles of glittering cover
And I am like hundred suns
In their always burning runs

You are like the earliest water
From the sky deep down on earth
Reaching you on one rare event
I see you dry in one moment
And when you reach me up there
In your arms I feel the intensity of care

But you leave. And I die of surviving you.
Water – You
the very water on the corner of my mouth
When I kiss you. Pure and refreshing touch
That takes my heart to wetness.
Water from my inner self
Virgin and frivolent
Necessary element.

Everyday rising to light you
Without ever saying I love you.

I shall be like the ocean’s only sun
Powerful but vain

And you – are like hundred drops
Filling my eyes with water’s ropes
Escaping from me into life moves
And I ask myself seeing you from above –

Shall the sun cry you over?
I think you got the answer

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