Ada me / That is me (Romani / English)

Ada me : That is me
I have been scratching the earth, kilometer after kilometer
In order to find that cil (premonition)
Ada me : that’s me  — Kon tu (who, you)
Ada me, the spirit of these golden and sketchy woods
The koraki : (raven) arrow my path with soot rocks
The kirya (ants) ransack my veins of their blood
Kon tu : who, you ?  I am the shadow of a messenger
Of a boatman, of an anvadan (a translator)
My ideas like siva khurya (grey horses)
Have jumped across the barikad of tiredness
Crossed the supplication of the kasht (wood) ;
That answers me in white sentences
Hooked on his chest one ciriklo (bird), he shakes its wings ;
And throws up the day in red steams
Karig tejov : where can I go ?
Kay tejivov : where can I live ?
Shunélpe gon : the bell of fire is to be heard
But the Devel (God) comes closer, in an infernal veil
Amidst a thicket of ferno (ferns)
And smiles to me — What are your say, secretive smokes ? —
I am diklo, I am undone ;
And the karadin (riffle) of time
Already turns its key in my black temples
My friends, you who fan a parfume of acanthus
On my remembrances ; swept away by the rains,
Teyavel arasno tiro lov : that your name be sanctified
I akana i sarda : for now and for eternity

Note : Romani is spoken worldwide by around 4.5 Million people. An Indo-Aryan macrolanguage, Romani comprises many geographical variations such as Sinte Romani, Vlax Romani, or Balkan Romani.

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