When the sun is down

Myrtle drops ransacked the night
I painted a white cross on my chest
My remains were waiting like a mist
In the Helianthus’ field

The flower’s ink bluished my flesh
You brought me in the mountains so that I would catch fire
We flew over hell and time’s crossing point
Over the stars living in the reversed skies

Your gospel shadow went down my back
Your voice extinguished the crystal fumes
And the happiness swarming in my look
But I saw you down by the haven – night had fall down

The engine of my boat, I have shutted it off
To come closer to your greyish neck
And you stuttered, contemplating the lighthouse
Addressing me ; when the sun was down

Where did the metallic voice of sirens go ?
Have you melted it to repay the docking ?
I took your hand, I put it on the water
Waves took us by surprise, as time is over

I shall unhook every rope of this dead city
To draw a glowing path for your ship
And outline the vanished night’s borders
But someone is coming this way – be quiet !

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