Xmajjar / Rivers (Maltese / English)

Valletta waits for a miracle, waving its fanali -street lights-
The beach shakes red, white flags ; flags born from fights

English and Maltese roll like dices on the marsa -haven-
Deploy their silk on the necks of women

Down to a rose garden I held the hands of some papiet -popes-
See ! Even their word died in my mouth !

Tomorrow shall come with an army led by a fqir -poor-
Deep green foliages splashed on every cemented square

Maltese shall loom, like the dance of xmajjar -rivers-
Like wreckages beared by the waves,

Drowning bilingual, an dream projbit -forbidden-
In us lies a conspiracy of freedom

Mediteranean lemons, cotton loaded landscapes
Orange trees close their eyes on ancient bhejjem -beasts-

Even cumin scents envelop their hearts
Olive trees outshine the monastery, old grammatiki -grammars-

Light us on fire ; knights and emperors sighed
At the sight of lights’ indentations in the dwieli –vines

In front of a verandah built by a kittieb -a writer-
I folded the alleys of my chest ; traveller, penetrate my soul, if you dear.

Dun Karm carried Maltese like a salib -cross-
Cuschieri armed glowing sylllable against English bursts ;

I would like to throw a veil of kelmiet -words-
To honour the poets who carried this language’s burdens

Note : Maltese language is with English, the official language of Malta. A language at the crossroad of Arabic and Romance languages, its many influences have made it unique. 400 000 Maltese people are reported speaking Maltese, as well as 100 000 persons from the diaspora.

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